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About Pearman's Farm Shop

Pearmans is a small market garden on the edge of the village of Billesdon in Leicestershire.  We grow a range of seasonal vegetables and have also planted a mixed orchard which will soon be producing apples, pears and plums.

At Pearmans, most vegetables are grown in the field, but we also have a large polytunnel for winter salads and heat loving summer vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

The land is ridge and furrow, typical of this part of the country.  It’s been used to graze sheep for many many years, so is very fertile and teeming with soil life. Perfect for growing vegetables!


We use no chemical weedkillers, insecticides, or fertilisers at all.  Instead, the fertility and health of the soil is maintained by spreading compost and rotted animal manures and by using a system of growing known as no-dig. By maintaining a fertile and healthy soil and growing a variety of different vegetables, plants are healthy and strong without the need for chemicals.  Weeds are controlled by hand and are lessened by using a no-dig growing system.

An area of native trees has been planted recently, and some areas of grass are left rough. This will help the wildlife to thrive, which is an important part of a chemical free farm.